KW Command

From lead to close to lifetime client relationships, Command puts you in control of your database, your business, and your future.

Technology built to help entrepreneurs thrive

Generate leads for less

Create impactful marketing materials, capture top-notch leads, and convert them into lifelong clients for less. Whereas most real estate professionals pay upward of $50* per lead, Command users get real estate leads for just a fraction of that cost.

*According to industry data.

Automate client communications

Maintain a human touch as you automate listing checklists, marketing touchpoints, drip campaigns, and more. With Command’s elevated workflow management capabilities, you can take the guesswork out of client communications and convert contacts into commissions.

Supercharge productivity

Run your business whenever and wherever you wish with the Command App.

This mobile pair to Command ensures you’re able to keep up with daily tasks, manage your pipeline, and more while on the go. Also, stay connected to your clients through Command’s integrated consumer app experience. Together, you have an unbeatable combination in your hands.

We measure our success by your success

Competitors can cost up to 40x more.

Did you know? Between a minimum term, add-on costs for setup, advertising, and additional features, you could end up paying up to $1,000/mo. (or more) for most real estate CRMs.

Next-level integration for every need.

Power up and fully customize your Command experience with integrations from our top-tier tech partners.

Ready to make the switch?

From mapping and importing your database directly into your Command account to offering dedicated support and training, our team of experts are committed to making your transition seamless.